Oakthorpe Bloggers!

Use our blog to show off all your learning and see other children’s thinking from across the school.

It would be great to see you asking each other questions about your posts.

22 thoughts on “Oakthorpe Bloggers!

    1. hi i just seen the website again and it is really good i am really looking forward to learn lots and i am super excited about using my learning habits like ABC one extra dream believe acheive that i most likely think that it might be on the website

    1. Evening Jay, we are looking at big global issues this week which will be really interesting, but you will also absolutely love the big artwork projects happening every afternoon! We want some great art work pieces created from recycling, all around school! It’ll be just your thing! So go look if you have plastic lids, newspapers and crisp packets! Mrs M

  1. I have learned that Africa has a shortage of water and children and mommies have to carry the water a long way


    1. Yes, Kiki! Some parts of Africa have these shortages especially in the rural areas and the occupants have rivers and streams as their main sources of water. But, there are pipe borne water in the towns and cities that serve as the sources of drinking water for the city inhabitants.

  2. My favourite parts of Culture Week were learning the Indian dancing, the Indian story told by Mrs Witham, tasting some Indian food and of course the Magic Monkey’s assembly!

      1. hi everyone it’s Rhia,I hope everyone’s ok and is enjoying the new school year,it looks like everyone’s having a good time,I just thought I’d get in touch!

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