Bude 2015!

Follow us on this amazing trip where we will challenge ourselves and work as a great team with friends from Albert Village!

Day One at the Adventure International Household!

Wow! What a first day so far. Everybody has been really challenging themselves to face their fears and achieve their goal. Thrown straight in this year with Climbing and High Ropes, everyone has got stuck in and climbed higher than ever before… Many surprising themselves.

Climbing has seen us bouldering, learning the name for different holds and grips on the wall and using this new found knowledge to help us to reach as high as possible. We have been amazingly resilient when pushing ourselves when on the brink of giving up.

IMG_5591 IMG_1473 IMG_5739

IMG_5689 IMG_1363 IMG_1368

So many children oozing in confidence. At High Ropes, everyone has been involved. From taking a stroll around the top of the High Ropes Course to climbing to the top to take the Leap of Faith. Showing reciprocity when working with old and new friends from Albert Village in attempting to make it altogether on the All Aboard to weaving their way through the Twister. Everyone has shown great positivity in the challenges that they have set themselves. A truly great day so far!

IMG_1449 IMG_3981 IMG_4031 IMG_3991 IMG_3960 IMG_3987 IMG_5710 IMG_3979 IMG_5730

Day 2: Wet Day!

A wet day… and most definitely NOT because of rain. It started off wet with even more crazy swimmers this morning; including Mr Moffat. Here’s the photographic evidence. He was a little pale when he got out of the sea pool.


For our activities today, we have been kayaking and surfing (although sadly, due to the glorious weather that we are enjoying, there is very little surf- That’s not stopping the fun though!)

In Kayaking, we went down the river, some of us doing some great steering and paddling, some of us slowly drifting away before being recused by our very kind instructors. We played games, splashed each other. We even fell in. Fantastic comedy moments.

IMG_1523 IMG_4115IMG_1529 IMG_4118 IMG_4116 IMG_4114                               IMG_1524 IMG_4125

It was ‘battle with the wetsuits: part 1’ day today. Luckily, we all managed to get in them, even if we were walking a little bit like zombies to begin with. Unfortunately, the beautiful weather has meant that we have been lacking waves and so Surfing has been interesting. It has still been great fun though; building rafts and playing games, as well as some of us managing to stand up on our boards when we were in the sea. We did have to be careful not to disturb the dangerous ‘sea-badgers’ though. Hopefully we can look forward to a few more waves when it is our turn to take on body-boarding on Thursday.

IMG_1501 IMG_1497 IMG_1502 IMG_4182 IMG_4213 IMG_4226 IMG_4181 IMG_1505 IMG_4238 IMG_4243 IMG_4227 IMG_4240                   IMG_4248 IMG_4254

Day 3:

Today, some of us have been abseiling and the rest of us mountain biking. We have all been able to take part in caving.

Today, the wind has picked up a bit, which is looking good for Body boarding tomorrow… It’s like someone read our blog and ordered the weather for us. With this in mind, there was some serious wind chill, but we had a few different crazy swimmers this morning. They are really embracing it. Great stuff Guys!

IMG_0976  IMG_1044  DCIM100GOPROG0050934.

We mixed groups today so that we could get our first choice of activity; abseiling or mountain biking. Both groups embraced their activities and tried things that they hadn’t before. Again, we really showed how we use the 4Rs and Learning Habits at Oakthorpe.

IMG_1009  IMG_1011  IMG_1642                     IMG_1651 IMG_1654

IMG_1610   IMG_4312   IMG_1607      IMG_4322 IMG_4319 IMG_4324

Day 4: Body Boarding and Team Trail

What another brilliant day. The sun has been shining but the waves have come to party. Today, sadly, is our last full day, but what a day we have had. Amazing reciprocity has been shown by all throughout the day, but especially during Team Trail, where everyone worked together to tackle the dangerous ‘jungle’ or ‘swamp’ and avoid the blood thirsty sea-badgers. We got through the mazes of doom and across the woodworm riddled bridge.

IMG_4453   IMG_1098  IMG_4454 IMG_4474  IMG_1170  IMG_4451                       IMG_1173 IMG_1161                        IMG_4428 IMG_4439 IMG_1169 IMG_1106 IMG_1104

As it has been said on a few occasions… Great waves today. Everyone has thrown themselves in. Riding the waves. Picking themselves up and going again. There was lots of encouragement  for our friends.

IMG_1192 IMG_4351 IMG_4364IMG_1707  IMG_4340  IMG_4417 IMG_4387 IMG_1706 IMG_1674 IMG_1202 IMG_1197 IMG_4361

Tonight, it was our presentation night. Some of us were awarded t-shirts as prizes  for the ‘joker’, ‘bottle’ and ‘superstar’ awards. Incredibly, this year, along with some of our friends from Albert Village, Tutor Group E With Jenks won SuperTeam of the Week. Throughout the week, we earned SuperTeam points, but using our Learning Habits, the 4Rs and amazing ABC skills. Not only this, but by tidying our rooms well and taking part in the morning runs and swims, we kept contributing to our team score. Three of our children were part of this lucky winning team.IMG_4560   IMG_4556

                                     Our award winners.

Although only some of us won prizes this week, everyone is very much a winner, having challenged themselves and overcome fears. We have pushed ourselves to our limits and beyond and are now exhausted. We celebrated this in styles with our tutors before we ended the night.


Our amazing tutors: Vinnie, Charles, Jenks and Ross

Before we head home tomorrow, we will have to strip our beds and make sure that we are packed. (Fingers crossed we managed to bring home everything that we brought to Bude with us!) After this, we will head out with our tutors for one final activity down the beach. We will be learning about beach life and beach safety. If we are lucky, we might even be able to catch some crabs!

What a fantastic week we have had. Massive thank you to everyone who has helped to make this such a huge success, including all of our new friends from Albert Village. It has been a pleasure. Well done everyone!!!


60 thoughts on “Bude 2015!

  1. What a lot of lovely smiles! Hope you are all feeling very proud of yourselves! It’s great to see the photos and the effort you are all putting in to tackling new challenges. Enjoy tomorrow!! 😃

  2. Looks like you are all having an amazing time and the sun is shining too! Lovely to see all the happy smiley faces especially my boy! 😊

  3. Looks like you are all having a fabulous time! In the sunshine too! Great to see all those happy faces! Especially my boy! Harry’s mom. 😊 keep working hard and stretching yoursleves.

  4. Looks like you guys having real fun! I am so missing being there with you all! Keep at it! You will have a fab week. Well done Adam, you went swimming like you said you would!!xx Mrs Mackay(Nanny Nita)

  5. We had some brave swimmers this morning. Mr. Moffat says he is swimming tomorrow! It’s not getting much sun early doors, so “not warm” would be an understatement…

    1. I am keen to see Mr Moffat swim as he told me he was really excited about doing it! Now the reality is in front of him I am sure he is reflecting lots about his own resilience! Hope you’re having fun right now patrolling those corridors and making sure everyone is snuggled down! lol!

      1. We are all looking forward to the photos of Mr Moffat taking a very chilly dip in the pool! Better swim quickly to warm up 🏊

      2. So lovely to catch up with achievements – though a bit jealous of the sun, sea and sand! Keep up with the ‘amazingness’! 🌅

      3. The children have been fast asleep now for at least 30minutes. 10:30 has to be some kind of record. Post cards should be winging their way home now. During some down time tomorrow, I will get the children replying to some of your comments; they have just been so busy. Mrs H.

      4. Being a mother & father and everything else in between to the children was an experience shall we say haha but thoroughly enjoyable. Swimming in a freezing cold sea pool at 8am was something I would recommend to those who have the ability to be completely insane!

  6. Photos look great. Glad you are all having such a fantastic time. Hope the rest of the week goes as well. Miss you Adam, mum is very proud of you. Xx

  7. Looks like you are all learning lots of new skills! Just a shame there is nowhere to practise those surfing moves near to home. Hope the sea isn’t too chilly!! 🏄

  8. Thank you for posting the pictures, great to be kept in touch with today’s activities. 😊 hopefully you’ll get some surf before you come home! Keep
    Smiling all! Harry’s Mom x

  9. Thank you for posting the pictures it’s a great way to to keep up with allllll your activities! Hope you get some surf before you come home. Keep smiling and having fun! Harry’s Mom Gabrielle 😊

    1. Don’t panic if your blogs don’t appear straight away as we have to approve every one so do that mostly in the evening! Apologies if they appear slowly and not in real time! Glad you’re enjoying them though! Mrs M

      1. Oh I miss you too x I can see you are having a fab time, really make the most of this wonderful experience and see you Friday x love Mommy x

      2. I really miss you too Harry. Have a lovely time and throw yourself into everything, make the most of this fabulous opportunity. I will see you on Friday Love from Mommy x

  10. Fantastic to see everyone is having a great time!! All happy faces!! It’s such a relief to see these fabulous pictures, we were a little worried as the coach left!! 😪
    House is far too quiet here!! We are missing our boys very much but we are so proud of them! See you soon boys love you, mum and dad!! 👍

    1. Glad you’re enjoying the pictures. We are too! It’s always a worry as they go but the instructors are so good at encouraging them to challenge themselves. It really develops self-esteem confidence so much. Mrs M

    2. Hi Mum and Dad. We are having a really good time so far. Today I am abseiling and caving. Ingo is mountain biking. So far we have done kayaking, climbing and surfing, but my favourite has been high ropes. See you soon. Glazby (and Ingo)

  11. The children have been truly amazing so far. They are a real credit to the school and all of their families. They are trying things that have pushed them out of their comfort zones and are making lots of new friends. We have given lots awards out so far especially for showing great reciprocity and being so resilient. I am one very proud teacher! Mrs H.

  12. Abbie. Yes Alice I got higher on the climbing wall and managed to do the Leap of Faith too. This afternoon, I am doing abseiling this afternoon which I’m so excited about.

    Millie. I’m having a really great time, although I am really tired. So far we have done kayaking, surfing, and climbing. I did abseiling this morning too. I did the Leap of Faith in high ropes. Sadly, I didn’t reach the trapeze but I was really worried, so I am really pleased with myself.

    1. Abbie and Millie: Great to hear you are both pushing yourselves to try out the different activities. Well done for managing the leap of faith! Looking forward to hearing more about all of your adventures. Alice will be really pleased you replied to her comment. 😃😍

  13. Hi Ben, thank you for the lovely post card. Glad you are enjoying yourself, we are missing you lots, love mum,dad & Sophie xxxx

  14. Hi Kim. I hope you are having fun. You are all so brave climbing those high ropes and we are so proud of you. Missing you loads and can’t wait to see you Friday. Enjoy your last couple of days. Love Mom xxx

  15. Hi guys, I’m loving seeing the pics and hearing all about what you’ve been doing, keeley, we got your postcard yesterday saying how “epic” it is, I’m really glad you’re enjoying yourself and very proud of you 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 did you do the leap of faith??
    The house is lovely and quiet…..I think next year the trip should be for 2 weeks….😂😂😂😂
    looking forward to hearing all about it tomorrow xx
    Love from mum xxx
    (Keeley’s mum)

  16. Wow! Some very ‘high’ photos and some very ‘chilly’ ones!! Enjoy your celebrations tonight – it looks like you all have your own particular challenge to feel proud of!!! 🎈🎉 And very pleased the waves were kind to you!

  17. You all look really cool guys in your mountain bike gear! Just a little message for Mr Moffat…tell him it’s nothing to worry about, it’s all ok now….but we sort of lost a chicken. Mrs Bowler and 4 children caught it – Harvey said he knew what he was doing….so it got put back and she mended the wire!!! We think it was looking for you. Apart from that really minor incident we’re coping ok with the wonderful Mrs Mackay’s help!

  18. Hello!! Looks like you are all having an amazing time. I am sure all of us parents will be so happy to get you back home. The sun is shining here today too! See you soon! Looking forward to seeing you Harry! Love Harry’s mom Gabrielle

  19. Hope you guys having a great presentation night! It is a really great night! Very emotional night for the children, as they have made lots of new friends! A lot of crying, and sad goodbyes tomorrow as the children come back home. Looking forward to seeing you all back at school on Monday morning! Mrs Mackay

  20. How wonderful that everyone has done so fantastically well over the week and really made them selfs feel proud !! You all look so happy at the awards evening ( a little tired too ). Can’t wait to give you a big hug boys ! Bring back the chaos !! And the washing!!!

  21. BUDE was EPIC!! I really enjoyed it especially surfing because I stood up on the surf board and when I didn’t stand up on the board I was still positive and also didn’t give up

  22. A truly amazing experience that will live with all of us that we’re lucky enough to attend. Our children really are so special. Seeing them overcome their fears and give there all gave me a lump in my throat many a time through the week. A huge thank you to Mrs M & Mrs H for allowing me to go and a special thank you to the children for being just them……AMAZING!

  23. Hi heard you have been to Bude too bad I could not it was amazing last time .miss you all and hope you have a good new school year ahead of you good luck Mrs moulds ,Mr Ellis and Mrs Hobbs and to all my friends too .hope You have a brill year i promised you all I would be in-touch
    From isabella Thomas xoxo 🙋👍🙊🙈

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