Culture Week at Oakthorpe


This week is going to make us all think! Please use our blog to help you reflect and share your thoughts.    First question:


Quite tricky isn’t it?

Once you have thought about this, log your thoughts on the blog. Keep the thoughtfulness going throughout the week. You will need all these brilliant thoughts for our ‘Carnival of colour’ on Friday! The best thoughts of the week will be copied and put up for display.

Here’s some more questions to keep you thinking!thinking

What is your and your family’s culture?

What kinds of things do you do in your culture?

Can you find out something interesting about a different culture?

Is there anything  you think is important  that you can learn from a different culture?

What three positive words best describe you as a person?

What are you most proud of yourself for and is there any way you could help others because of it?

Can you find an inspiring story from a different culture?

What are the main differences between culture and religion?

Remember we are not only thinking about what we can learn about culture but also what we can learn from culture! Have a great week.


50 thoughts on “Culture Week at Oakthorpe

  1. I have really enjoyed culture week this week
    it is really interesting to see the different cultures and the dancing today was great I really enjoyed it.
    we have been learning that culture could be different things to other people.
    the three things that describes me is
    I am good at art, I am good at dancing, and I enjoy learning new things

  2. Culture is how a group of people live that might be different to others.People from different countries speak different languages and wear different clothes or have a different religion which is in their culture.

  3. I think culture is about the way you do things. Culture can be passed down – it’s like a tradition – but culture is also changing so our culture is different from our grandparents. The culture in England has changed because we travel more, we can find out about different countries from the television and internet and people from other countries have come to live in England. 😉

  4. A culture can be defined as:

    the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

    Stuff like books, music, artwork, food, science, technology and how we interact socially all builds to form our culture.

    There is an interesting page talking about culture and its many meanings here:

    (PS my Daddy helped me write this 🙂 )

  5. Culture means understanding a piece of art,customs, traditions groups of people and there beliefs. My family culture is at christmas we all get together.We all get together as a family for meal times and games.I n India there culture is very different to ours.They have more religious festivals than us.We can all learn through different cultures that help us live together more peace fully.

  6. Another definition of “culture” is that used by someone like a molecular biologist:

    They might take a sample of bacteria and grow them on agar jelly in a petri dish and the whole process is called “growing a culture”.

  7. This week I’m most proud of myself for placing 6th in the cross country race last weekend. I might have done better had I not slipped and fallen over. My Grandma has bought me some fell running shoes with better grips so I can do better next time (hopefully).

  8. How does science and technology affect our culture? Have television, ease of travel / transport, gaming consoles, hand held devices (e.g. iPads, iPhones etc etc) changed our culture / way of life?

  9. We are all different but also all the same. We need to learn about other cultures so that we can understand how other people live/act. We shouldn’t laugh or be afraid just because someone is different. We need to think about how we are the same 🙂

  10. People are different because they have different coloured skin, they wear different clothes and they have different languages. But there are lots of things the same. We can all feel happy or sad. Everyone needs food and drink. Everyone wants to feel safe and have friends and family.

  11. This is from Mr Seth of Ghana. I must say that I am glad to read about the many different definitions given about CULTURE by you and they all sum up to mean one thing: IDENTITY OF AN INDIVIDUAL AND THE WAY HE/SHE DOES HIS OR HER THINGS ACCORDING TO THE COMMUNITY HE/SHE COMES FROM. It is doing the same thing but from different angles according to our backgrounds and it is good that we should try to understand and accept each other and this will make this world a better place to live! It is important to recognize that people from different cultures have are different in a variety of ways, including
    different ways of looking at things
    different ways of dressing
    different ways of expressing personality/goodness

    Could anyone of you tell me some of the cultural differences you realized when I visited you last year from Ghana?

  12. Hi Mr Seth, Good to see you on our blog! When Miss Hallam and I visited you all, it made us think what a privilege it was to be immersed in your culture, learning so much from you and with you as well. We saw many things that were really different but also many things that were really very similar as well. Lots of happy memories and a life changing experience.
    Mrs M

  13. Cultre is anythink and it means different skin colour and it means different language. Cultre means different clothes.

  14. I’ve enjoyed learning about different cultures this week. I really liked the Chinese culture because they have big festival’s with lots of dancing for days that are special. Three words that describe me are happy, helpful and kind.

  15. culture is where you celebrate christmas and hindu’s or sikh’s would celebrate light, They put diva lamps and we put Christmas trees up so that is culture because we are all different.

    1. It’s interesting Ruby that my Muslim friend has always celebrated Christmas with her friends and other Islamic festivals with her family. Sometimes some people have the best of both worlds! Mrs M

  16. My culture is my skin colour(peach) my religion (Christianity) and pearsonality(kind careing) and my tallents (singing ,dancing ,cooking ,art +nursing even learning and don’t forget blogging !

  17. Well done to all of the Oakthorpe bloggers! It’s great to see so many clever chameleons blogging! Mrs Harris and I are really pleased with you all. Keep blogging your thoughts about culture.
    Mrs Fallows

  18. I’m afraid I disagree with all the people saying that your culture is anything to do with your skin colour. Culture is more about how you live than what colour your skin is. For instance, there are cultural differences between Scotland and England (e.g. Bagpipes, haggis and kilts) yet we share the same skin colour. Of course, people with different skin colours may belong to different cultures, but the differences are more likely than not nothing to do with the colour of their skin. Nor do I agree that religion and culture are the same, though they do affect each other.

    1. Wow Brodie – deep and thoughtful reflections. Have you shared this in class? I think you could begin a great debate to develop this thinking further. Think I may mention it in assembly to make people come and check out your comment. thank you for your deep thinking! Mrs M

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