Fractions Week – A FAIR FEAST

The whole school are going to be leading their own learning to learn as much as they can about …FRACTIONS…!

How much do you know about fractions?

What pictures do you see what you think about fractions?

How can you explain what you understand to others?

We are going to be using this challenge – A FAIR FEAST – from the nrich website

Have a look at the photo of our fair feast that was found at school this week.

Photo 06-10-2013 08 55 26

What would be easy to share with 2 people? What would take a lot of thinking to share between two people?

What if there were more people to share with? What fraction of each food will you get? How much of each food will you get?

71 thoughts on “Fractions Week – A FAIR FEAST

  1. The drink are easy for two people as there are two drinks. The same for the cupcakes and the chocolate rolls.the chocolate bar can be shared with lots of people as you can break it into lots of pieces. The same with the cake, crisps. Tomatoes can be shared 10 ways. Three poeple can have the breadsticks or 6 people can have breadsticks if you break them in half

  2. I would 1/2 the tomatoes because there are 10 so you would get 5 each . 1/2
    The bread sticks i would chop them in 1/2 so you would get 3 each.

  3. The juce is easy because you can just have one each . The apple is more tricky because one of us would get the stork and the other will not get the stork so it is not fare.

  4. Here’s my ‘What if? For KS2. What if this feast was for 2 people and you increased the amounts for 4 people to have the same. E.g. 10 tomatoes for two people so how many for four people making sure they got the same amount? What if there were 6 people? 8 people? Gold stickers for anyone wanting to take this thinking further? Mrs M

  5. I have just cut up my apple in half then half making quaters tats fare because we got 2 each and you can pull the stork of.

  6. 2 people can have 5 tomatoes each because 5+5=10. You need to cut the apple in the middle so it is equal. Each person has half an apple. You need to have one whole breadstick each and break the other one in half. You get one drink each. I found different ways of cutting the cake in half.

      1. You could measure the breadstick. If the breadstick is 20cm long you need to break it into 10 and 10. Then it is the same.

      1. I shared out ten counters. Each person got two whole tomatoes and half of one. To start with I thought it wasn’t fair but then I thought about cutting the tomatoes.

  7. I tried sharing the feast between 7 people. If you share 2 cartons of juice you get 2/7 each. If each carton has 250ml you have 500ml to share between 7 people. I did 500 divided by 7 using a number line. Each person gets 71 ml and 3/7. If you share the tomatoes you get one whole tomato and 3/7 of a tomato. This would be a bit difficult to cut up. If you share the chocolate you get 2 whole pieces and 1/7 of a piece. If you share the two cupcakes you get 2/7 of a cake. If you were sharing the feast in real life you would not share it out equally as sevenths are tricky.

  8. If you were allowed to increase the portions of all the items ( by the same amount) is there a slightly easier number of items that would share much more easily between 7 people? Or alternatively, if this is the feast for two people in total, can you scale the feast up to feed 7 people? Mrs M

    1. To scale it up to feed 7 people you need 3.5 times as many! To feed 6 people you need 3x as many
      and to feed 8 people you need 4x as many. 7 must be in between. 😉 🙂

  9. The cakes would be easy because there is two cakes the same with the chocolate rolls and with the drinks. The chocolate bar you would have to exchang the piece into 4 half pieces .

  10. You have 10 tomatoes so you would get 5 tomatoes each. If there was 4 people and they wanted the tomatoes they would have to exchange the last tomatoe two times.

  11. You would have to cut the apple in half horasontaly for 2 people and for 4 people you would have to cut it in half 2 times horasontaly to get 2 pieces.

    1. In our class we have been answering different what if questions now I have got one for you.
      What if…….there were three breadsticks and 12 hungry people.

    1. Do you think it is easier to share the feast between an even amount or an odd amount of people?
      Great What if questions Harry!

      1. If there 20 people there would be half a tomatoe each. The pattern is the more people to share with is less tomatoes for the people.

  12. What if 66 people came? What if 798 people came? What if 333 people came? What if 75317 people came? What if 4321567 people came?

  13. We have been having oranges and apples, mummy gave me 6 pieces of a whole apple 6/6, i ate it all but only had 1 apple so 6/6 = 1

  14. We (my class) have been answering different what ifs we created at the beginning of the week. We investigated different amounts of foods, people and different lengths and sizes of food.

    1. I worked about what if their were 5 people to share the feeast between then we found what if you shared between 7 people and then i throught this is going to be hard.

  15. Lauren here. I worked out how much food there would be if 2 friends ate it and another friend came. It’s a what if question.

  16. I have learnt how to divide fractions. The divider becomes the numerator ( The top number) and the number you’re dividing by becomes the denominator (The number underneath). For example
    2 divided by 3 equals 2/3.

  17. I think that the crisps would be the hardest because there are lots of different sizes it wouldn’t be equal if I had a big crisp and my brother had a small. You would get the grams and half it twice which makes 150g.

  18. Mr Ellis what if you shared the food out eqully and everybody had ate 1/2 of their portion and then one other person comes along?

  19. It’s so great to see so many of our class blogging; well done Abbie, C.Brooke, Keeley and Harry! Super thoughts so far.
    I am wondering if you can explain to the other children what exchanging is? Can you give them an example to help them to understand?

    Mrs Fallows

  20. If we had 5 people and 2 drinks would it be equal if you put the 2 drink in a measuring jug then tip the equal amout in 5 glasses then the 5 people will have their own glass to drink

  21. Yes I think it would be very esey I.
    I wouldn’t like to do fractions week again because it is very hard
    Half ing and quartering it is tayering

  22. if it was someone’s birthday and there was 5 items in each goody bag and 30 people came how many items would there be in total: 150

  23. On fractions week i wasnt that conferied about fractions because some fractions are hard and some of them are hard specially impoper fractions there the hardest

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