At the end of Fractions Week, Mr Ellis shared a ‘fair feast’ with all the leaders of learning that were chosen by the other children in the school.

We had some fun sharing out all of the feast.

There were 12 leaders of learning at the feast and they shared –

12 cartons of orange juice

32 cherry tomatoes

3 cakes (one lemon, one raspberry, one chocolate)

What fraction of each food did everybody eat? Try to explain how you worked it out.

Photo 11-10-2013 14 40 57    Photo 11-10-2013 15 00 12

8 thoughts on “Fractions Week – OAKTHORPE’S FAIR FEAST

  1. Lots of fractions are equivalent, at the fair feast an easy option would be 1/12 for each person. What else could each person get?

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