Fractions Week – REAL FRACTIONS

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When do you use fractions in the real world?

Go on a fractions hunt around your house – can you find any ‘real’ fractions?

Do you know any adults that use fractions in their job? How do they use them? Post an explanation to show everyone else how they are used.

37 thoughts on “Fractions Week – REAL FRACTIONS

    1. Good thinking.
      I like it when I go shopping and there are further reductions.
      What if a £20 purple jumper had 25% off and then a further third off. (It has to be purple because that is my favourite colour!)
      How much would I pay for the jumper?
      Mr E

  1. I have a question for everyone to think about ….
    At the pizza restaurant I eat half of my pizza.
    My sister only eats a quarter of her pizza.
    But … she has eaten more pizza than me!
    How could that be? Try to think logically.
    Could you draw a picture to show your thinking?

  2. If you had 4 people and one ice cream you would have to cut it in half two times and make sure that it is equal. Each person will have a quarter.

      1. Mr Ellis would you have to half the same amout to be equal the other person would have to have the same colour and flavour or it’s not fair

  3. What if you had shared the feast between 2 people. You and your friend had already eaten 1/4 each. Then another friend turns up! What fraction do the three friends have ( what’s left) ?

  4. I’ve got a question for everyone. What if I ordered 5 ice cream tubs. Two of the ice cream tubs had 3/4 in the tub. The other 3 had half of the ice cream in it. I took one of the ice cream tubs back. I had 2 3/4 tubs and 2 1/2 tubs. What did I take back to the shop?

  5. What if I went to the shop and brought 3 tubs of ice cream one raspberry, one plum and one caramel .Two friend had already eaten 1 tub equally and another friend turns up? how much ice-cream does each person have equally?

  6. I loved this work tricky but fun

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