3 birds laid some eggs.
Each bird laid an odd numbers of eggs
Altogether they laid 19 eggs.

How many eggs did each bird lay?
How many different answers can you find?

What if the birds only laid 9 eggs between them? How many answers can you find?

14 thoughts on “EASTER SPECIAL – Birds’ Nests

    1. I have worked out that there is a pattern between the answers!
      If b.1 lays 1 egg there are 9 ways.
      If b.1 lays 3 eggs there are 8 ways.
      If b.1 lays 5 eggs there are 7 ways.

      šŸ˜‰ šŸ™‚

    1. 1bird laid 1 egg, the second bird laid 3 eggs and the third bird laid 15 eggs.

  1. Well most birds lay 2 or 3 but if you count up 3×2=6 and 3×3=9 add 9 and 6 equals 15 so the answer is 15. All of them layed 15

  2. b.1 layed 6 1/4
    b.2 layed 6 1/4
    b.3 layed 6 1/4
    19 is one whole!
    Half of 1/4 is 0.125 which is equal to 2/8 because both one and four are factors of eight!
    So one bird has layed less than the other two birds.
    So 2/8 (0.125) would be a smaller egg.
    The only way all three birds could lay the same was if they all layed 6,1/4 and 0.0625 eggs!

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