The Three Billy Goats Gruff

When the Three Billy Goats Gruff trip-trapped across the Troll’s bridge, what order did they cross in?

In what other order could they have crossed the bridge?
How many different answers can you find?


What if there were four goats in the story?

25 thoughts on “The Three Billy Goats Gruff

  1. There are many answers.

    B-big goat
    M- medium goat
    S- small goat

    That’s what I got from 3 goats

  2. 1234 2134 3124 4123
    1243 2143 3142 4132
    1324 2341 3214 4231
    1342 2314 3241 4213
    1432 2413 3412 4321
    1423 2431 3421 4312

    🙂 These are the possibilities with four goats.

    1. Why are there so many more than 6 answers this time? How many answers do you predict there will be with 5 goats? Mrs Bowler and I have been trying to look for a pattern in the number of answers if the number of goats increases by 1. Mr E

    2. I can see a sort of grouping method going on here? How did you arrive at this method and did you do it straight away! Post your explanation in the box Chloe! ( and tell year 5/6 we want to see more of them on here! Seriously letting the side down so far) Mrs M

  3. I think I have seen a few patterns. I can predict the number of ways for 5 and 6 goats. Has anyone else noticed anything about the numbers?

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