Which would you rather…..

imageWhich would you rather have….. a hen that lays golden eggs or 3 magic beans? The most imaginative blog replies will win a prize!

51 thoughts on “Which would you rather…..

    1. I think the golden hen because i could sell the golden eggs and have lots of money to give it to people that haven’t got much money ill save some for myself to

  1. I would choose the magic beans, because you can climb up and get the the giant’s gold as well as snatch his golden hen and what an adventure that would be !

  2. I would choose the three magic beans as you can wish for a lot more, golden eggs mabe worth lots of money but there are lots of things that money could’nt buy.

  3. I would like the magic beans so i can help make poorly peolple better. I would keep one bean for me so i could wish for a motorbike.

  4. I would like the magic beans as I could wish for different things. The golden eggs may be worth alot of money but some wishes are more important than money.

  5. i would pick the beans becuase you would find lots of things at the top of the bean stalk. I would climb up the beanstalk and get the golden eggs and all of his chickens.

  6. i would have beans because i could have some beans for my breakfast with toast. i would also pick golden egggs but i dont really like eggs that much so i will go with beans.

  7. I would choose the golden eggs because you could buy magic beans! I would use the money from selling the golden eggs to buy lots of chocolate for me and would give lots to the Whale and Dolphin charity who look after Mischief the dolphin that I sponsor 🙂

  8. Liam woiuld like a hen which lays golden eggs because he likes golden things. Sienna would like 3 magic beans because she could go up a beanstalk and play with the giant. Mary likes shiny things, so would like a hen. Brandon would have the beans because he too wants to visit the giant. Ruby wants the hen so she can have chickens in her garden and Harry would have the hen as long as the eggs were chocolate!!

  9. I would have the magic beans because I like growing things. After the beans have grown I would be able to travel all around the world.

  10. I would have the golden eggs so I could buy the green beans ,purchase the philosopher’s stone so there would be no need for the chicken and I to die. Did I tell you that I would have a gigantic mansion with 1,000 floor and a royal chamber dedicated to my chicken . Inside his floor would be 10 bodyguards to protect him as we’ll as all of his friends ( there would be loads so he would not be lonely).

    It would work both ways really be because you could sell some golden eggs for magic beans / go up the beanstalk to find the chicken.

  11. i would go with the magic beans because you could get to the top and get the magic eggs also if you could get the wishes and if you were only allowed 1 wish i would wish for 143,211,119 more wishes 🙂 lol

  12. I would like the hen because I would like to play with the hen and I could sell the eggs and give the money to children who haven’t got a home.

  13. i would go with the 3 magic beans because you can climb up to the top and see far a way and you wave at the airplanes coming past also i could see my house 🙂

  14. the hen because i would be able to sell the golden eggs and be rich.I would buy a big house and my mom a new car for mothers day.

  15. I would choose the hen because instead of going up a beanstalk and stealing the giants hen it would be much more exciting.

  16. I would rather have the three beans because you could grow the beanstalk,climb up and have a different,exciting adventure everyday.

  17. I would have the hen because I can get money for the golden eggs and buy the beans off jack so I can see what treasures are in the clouds 😜 or pay someone to go up for you.

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