History week- Historical enquiry skills

In history week, we are going to be developing our historical enquiry skills.

Historians are always discovering new things about the past and asking lots of great questions!

Throughout the week, blog about the different questions you have asked and the amazing new things you have learnt and done!

Here are some thoughts to get you started.

What is history?

How do we learn about the past? How is the past represented?

Why did people act the way they did?

What is a reliable source?

32 thoughts on “History week- Historical enquiry skills

  1. Mrs Fallows gave us a Tudor rose.[for a clue to our mystery person number 1]
    We found out that the battle of Bosworth was between Richard III and Henry VII. We found out that Henry Tudor defeated Richard III at Bosworth Battle Field.
    The red rose represents the House of Lancaster (Henry VII) and the white rose represents the House of York (Elizabeth). They married in 1509 which made the families join together and is the reason why we have the two colours on the rose.

    We are now investigating important people of the Tudor times.

  2. After investigating, we found out that our mystery person could be: Henry VII (1485-1509), Henry VIII (1509-1547), Edward VI (1547-1553), Mary (1553-1558), Elizabeth I (1558-1603), William Shakespeare or Henry VIII wives (Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard and Catherin Parr).

  3. We found out that George Stephenson, in 1829,l built the rocket. It was the fastest of it’s time reaching 36mph.

  4. I found out a bit about a Victorian man who created a steam engine. His name was George Stephsons. The steam engine was created in 1829 with his son ,Robert, and his close friend ,Henry Booth. On the 15th of September 1830, the Manchester to Liverpool railway opened for public transport.

  5. This morning we were given pictures and written evidence to find the clues to solve the mystery historic person. We deduced from the clues it was George Stephenson. George Stephenson created a steam engine called The Rocket. It was the quickest engine which used a multi tubular boiler.

  6. we found out that George Stephenson built the rocket it was the fastest in it’s time it reached up to 36mph ( 58 km).

  7. I have found out about George Stephenson .He created a steam engine with help of his son Robert Stephenson and the engine was made in 1814.The rocket can still be seen in the science museum. During the race the rocket reached the speed of 24mph.

  8. We have been talking about history. We have decided it is everything that has happened in the past. The future is everything that has yet to happen.
    We have had a big discussion about where we can find out about history and the past. Willow said we can talk about it. Nicole said we can ask a teacher. We also decided after a long talk that information can be got from books, the internet and also from visiting interesting places.

  9. In class we had a history problem that Mrs Fallows set us.
    We used a number of clues to find out the answer such as….
    *The Tudor rose
    *William Shakespeare and Roman numerals
    The Roman numerals came out as the date of 1559; the date that Queen Elizabeth became queen. Then we were given a picture of Richmond palace isn’t that where Queen Elizabeth lived. Anne Boleyn was her mother so that’s why we got a picture of her. Francis Drake came next with his boat next with the letters ER Elizabeth Royal.
    After that we used the answers to the clues to find out who it was.
    And the mystery person was Queen Elizabeth. 😉

  10. This afternoon in K2H we have been finding out about a man called George Stephenson!
    Here are some facts I have found…
    George was born on the 9th of June, 1789 in Wylam, eight miles away from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Stephenson grew up with a fascination in machines!
    Georges first employment was herding cows,but when he was fourteen he joined his farther at the Dewley Colliery.
    He was an ambitious boy and at the age of eighteen he began attending every evening classes where he learnt to read and write!
    In 1802 Stephenson became a Colliery Engineman after that year he married Frances Henderson a servant at a local farm. To earn extra money in the evenings he repaired clocks and watches.

  11. We had a visitor in the classroom and we asked questions to find out about her. Here are some of the questions we asked.

    When were you born? I was born in 1533.
    When were you rich? I was rich from the day I was born.
    When did you die? I died in 1603.
    Have you ever been angry? I had a very short temper. I was a lot like my Dad. I threw shoes at people that upset me!
    Where did you live? I lived mostly in London.
    What was your father’s name? King Henry VIII was my father. I was his daughter.
    When did you become queen? I became Queen of England in 1558.
    Who was your Mum? She was called Anne Boleyn and she was Henry’s second wife.

    Do you know who it is?
    Can you give any more facts about who it is?

  12. By Bradley
    On Tuesday we leant about Queen Elizebeth here’s some facts,her dad was Henry VIII and her mother is Ann Boleyn ,Elizebeths half sister Mary died of illness.

    1. I found out about Galileo using the internet. The internet can be useful but you cannot be sure that it is always right. You have to ask yourself how good the evidence is. Sometimes things on the internet are not true or are exaggerated.

  13. Mrs fallows asked every body in the class what we thought the balls were in the picture but nobody new what they were .Mrs fallows said they were somthing to do with the war . I think they are cannon balls .

  14. In class we are learning about the Victorians…
    At home I have an abacus and they were basically Victorian bead strings but with a wooden base! I was so interested in the Victorians so I took it into class yesterday and shown the class. Babies use them to count today!

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