Alison Harper – artist using crisp packets!

Alison has been very kind in answering questions about her art work. I thought it would be great to share some of her work here ( hope that’s ok Alison?) so that everyone else can understand the answers to the questions. Has anybody else emailed their artists? Perhaps people could leave their thoughts about her work?


6 thoughts on “Alison Harper – artist using crisp packets!

  1. I loved to the knitting that was done by Mrs Fallows group during this week. I wonder if there is any other rubbish that you can knit with. Alison, have you tried using other ‘rubbish’ in your artwork? Mr E

  2. They are fantastic because I have never seen things like this before, but why did you choose crisp packets

  3. Yes, Alison, you have really done well! We wish to know from Ghana if it is possible that you can still use other ‘rubbish’ to come out with something nice as you have done here. What other things do you have in mind?

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