It’s not fair!

Is life fair across the world? What can you find out about life for children across the world?

Is it fair that Shumon from Bangladesh can’t go to school even though he wants to?

Use other websites (like to find out more about children around the world.
Find out:
– where in the world they live.
– how they live their life.
– whether their life is fair.

Write your comments below and create a poster to put on the school’s outdoor world map to show everyone in school.

87 thoughts on “It’s not fair!

  1. i looked on some photos and we are so lucky to be here and not over there slaving away after other people.

  2. I think its not fair because many county’s are rich and have lots things they need and the ones that are poor and don’t have money its not fair its got to be equal.

  3. I have been finding out about children who live in a tribal village in India. Although they are poor they like doing lots of the same things as us – playing games, skipping and reading;)

  4. Did you know the worst place to be a mother is in the Domocratic republic of the Congo? The best place is in Finland.

      1. A study of all of the countries in the world looked at what life is like for mothers and made a table of their results. They looked at health care for mothers and babies, education, age of death ( mortality), rights of women, women in politics and lots of other things. My friend Siiri lives in Finland she says it is a great place to grow up!

      2. Wow Mabel that’s amazing research! I’d love to see it! I am very interested in Finland and how they teach over there. Do you think she could send us some information? Maybe we could link with a school there too?

  5. i have found out that children in sri Lanka are mostly verry poor. This is because of the war. Children where made to be soldiers in the war . Childen did not always go to school. Children were made to go to work at 8 yeas old

  6. No because children in bangladesh want to go to school but they can’t.
    It would be better to let everything be fair and the same in every single country

  7. I feel sorry for the poor people who live there hole lives on a rubbish dump and then you compare it to us when we have safe houses and nice food to eat.

  8. It is sometimes very disheartening when comparison is made between the life of an African child and that of the life of an European child! It is very obvious that you pupils have a lot to assist you achieve almost all you aspire to be. And I must add that because you have a lot, much is expected of you.

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