Recycling is a global problem


In assembly on Monday, we have been learning about people that live and work on rubbish dumps in countries such as Cambodia. They work for less than $1 a day to collect rubbish for recycling. Children also work on the dumps and aren’t able to go to school because their family need the money they earn.

Can you imagine having to do that every day? We have used what we have found out to help us think about the importance of recycling. In the afternoons this week, we are working in teams to create a piece of artwork from recycled rubbish to help us think about the life of people like this across the world. Parents are invited to see our artwork on Friday after school in the hall.

Tell everyone on this page, how you feel about this and how  artwork is helping you think about these people who have to work on rubbish dumps.


27 thoughts on “Recycling is a global problem

  1. The video we watched in assembly today about Cambodia and children sorting through the rubbish really made me feel sad. I couldn’t imagine my own children or anyone at Oakthorpe having to go and do that. I wondered what other people thought about that today? Mrs M

  2. though would it Lauren? Because even though we were recycling, it is their job to savage round so they can earn money. If we do that we will make more people die for they have no money to buy food.

    1. Lauren and Charlotte, do you think that they would be able to find other jobs? Remember that we found out that some plastic is not able to be recycled in the UK yet so it has to be sent abroad. Maybe better monitoring of where it ends up may help everyone involved. What do you think girls? Mrs F

    2. The art work we are doing is giving us the opportunity to make good use of recycling while we reflect not the impact our waste has on the world we live in. We hope it will be a reminder to us all that we have to look after our planet and think about where our rubbish goes. E.g. How often do we take a plastic bag in a shop when we don’t really need it? Mrs M

    3. Charlotte most people die when they dont have any food or water anyway. Here is a question if they die when there dont have any food or water how many peoplewill be alife .

  3. My afternoon group have been looking at an artist, Alison Harper, who created pieces of art using crisp packets. I have emailed her your questions and hopefully she will respond soon! Who knows…she may visit our blog!
    Has anyone else found any artists who have made pieces of art using crisp packets? Mrs Fallows

  4. These are some of the questions I have emailed Alison Harper. I hope she can answer some of your questions.
    Kelsey, Kiki and Amie would like to know: How long did it take you to make the hair slides? Where did you start?

    Kimberly would like to know: Do you always get it right first time? Which piece of art are you most proud of?

    Ellie-Mae, Jack and Jay would like to know: What inspired you to start using crisp packets?

    Jodie would like to know: How did you think of so many different thins to make? Do you sell your art or keep them?

    Maisie and William would like to know: Do you enjoy making things out crisp packets? Did you find it difficult?

    Billy would like to know: Did you do a design before you made them?

    If you have any other questions then add them on here.
    Mrs Fallows

  5. Hi, Alison here, thank you so much everyone for your interest in my work – I too am concerned about how much ‘waste’ there is in the world, the resources it uses up and where things go to when they no longer have a ‘use’. I am hoping that my work will make people think and that they will look at the world in a different way.
    As it’s getting near my bedtime (!) I will answer your questions first thing in the morning (tuesday)
    speak soon

  6. Hi – answer to question 1
    It would take about 2-3 hours to make the hair slides. I start with the yarn which is made by cutting the packets into strips and then using a sewing machine to stitch the strips together, I then fold the yarn in half and machine through again – this makes a strong yet pliable(bendy) yarn. I then crochet ( a bit like knitting but with a small hook instead of big needles) to make the ‘flower’ shapes and then I join a few of these together with hand stitching Thank you Kelsey Kiki and Amie
    Question 2
    This is an interesting one Kimberley – no I don’t always get it ‘right’ but the best part of doing something creative is that if you make what you think is a ‘mistake’ it can quite often lead you in another direction and you discover something new by doing this . So there is no ‘wrong’ – just different ways of doing things – I hope you can think about that when you are doing your own artwork. Which piece of work am I most proud of ? That’s tricky – with the crisp art think it was when I found a way of making little rings which people seemed to like.
    Question 3
    I started using crisp packets because I was interested in using materials that I wouldn’t have to buy and could give them a new ‘life’ if you like – then I started seeing them everywhere as they are often left on pavements, roadsides etc. As they are plastic backed aluminium it seemed so wasteful just to discard these materials. I always give these a good wash before I use them, by the way! Thanks Elie-May, Jack and Jay
    Question 4
    Making things is a process and so when you start to make things you will have ideas of other things to make – it is a lovely way to think and making things with your hands can make you feel really nice – do you find this – or is is frustrating sometimes ? I do sell my work sometimes – I am taking part in a an eco craft fair in London next weekend. Have you ever had a craft fair at your school – could be fun to show off your handiwork and to show other people how to make things.
    Hope that answers your question Jodie
    Question 5
    Hi Maisie and William, yes I enjoy using the crisp packets, it was tricky at the beginning to find a way to make the yarn but once I had done that I can now use it in lots of different ways. In a way I do not like this material because it is so hard and shiney, it is not soft and stretchy like other textiles, and can split easily so it was more of a challenge to make it into something I could ‘like’ and use
    Question 6
    Interesting question Billy – lots of designers and artists do drawings and designs on paper or make models before making the final work – but I tend not to do that as once I have an idea in my head I generally can find a way to make it work. That is fine as I am working on my own – if I was part of a design studio say, I would have to communicate my ideas through drawing to other people. It’s great to draw, really good for your art and design skills . Draw, draw, draw – there is no wrong way to do this either !

    I have a question for you – can you ‘guesstimate’ how much yarn I can make from one small/medium sized crisp packet ??

    1. Thank you so much for your time Alison!
      Hopefully the children will be able to apply your advise and ideas into creating a piece of fabulous art for our school! I will email you a photograph of our finished creation.

      Right my group…get thinking. Can you answer Alison’s question?
      Mrs F

    2. Hi, thankyou for your excellent question. It really got them thinking. Jay estimates 2 meters, Oliver says 1.5 m, Thomas thinks 1.7m and Ellie-Mae 2.5 m. Please tell us if any of us were correct. They have been really excited about the whole project. We look forward to forwarding a finished design photo.

  7. I have tried to imagine what it would be like to be one of the children working on the rubbish dump. It would be unbearably smelly. You might hurt your feet treading on the rubbish. 😉

  8. It must really stink. I wonder if they have had enough o the smell and the job itself, i wouldnt last a minuite.

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