What a wonderful world….

Today’s assembly gave us time to reflect about our wonderful world. We saw pictures of what happens if we don’t dispose of our rubbish carefully. Share your reflections here to show everyone what it made you think about.


16 thoughts on “What a wonderful world….

  1. Today in assembly I leant that people need to recycle more and not leave it on a beach or ANYWHERE!
    the weird thing about it is people do it and they don’t really no what they are doing to the animals a plastic bag can suffocate a turtle and other animals can DIE from litter.

      1. I feel really sad as Mrs Moukds was talking about animals dying from people’s rubbish in the sea.I think they should stop piloting and put it in there bin!

  2. Sometimes we pollute the land by dropping rubbish but we don’t realise the consequences. It was sad to learn about the turtles eating plastic bags. Other animals might choke on litter we leave behind too.

    1. It is really sad. I learned something from Jamie today too; I didn’t know they ate the bags because they think they are jelly fish! Makes sense when you think about it! Mrs M

  3. In todays assembly i thought more deeply about the animals beind tortured in the wild and what effect it has on me.it will hopfully make people think twice about dropping litter.

  4. I totally agree with you. I am glad that we have noticed this problem because now we can sort it out if we all recycle and try not to polloute the wonderful earth, beause we have a wonderful planet and so we should take care of it.

    1. Great to see you on the blog Ben. You have really thought about your learning from the whole week. You know about the harm on wildlife that litter causes. How do you think we could get everyone to think like you? Mr E

  5. Fragile means if someone came and gave you an egg and you squeezed the egg too hard and it smashed the egg was very fragile

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