Where in the world?


Our school motto is
Dream Believe Achieve
Where in the world do you DREAM you could go?

Mr Ellis has had some great conversations about with children in the corridor about where in the world they would go if they could go ANYWHERE!
One girl wants to go to Spain to get a good tan and Italy to eat pizza and pasta.
One girl would love to go to America and another girl wants to go to India and America because her Dad works there sometimes.

Mr Ellis would love to go to Australia to see what the outback is like and see wild kangaroos!

Where would you want to go? Why?
Can you find places on a map?

35 thoughts on “Where in the world?

    1. Mrs Fallows has put out some books in the corridor about China. Have a look at them. She has also put some cards to help you learn some Chinese.
      Did you know… more people speak Mandarin Chinese in the world than English?! It’s a very useful language to learn.
      Mr E

  1. I would like to go to Hawaii to see if everything there is that beautiful. are people living beautiful lives

  2. I have been finding out about the seven ancient wonders of the world. You can only still see the great pyramid at Giza. I also found photos of the seven new wonders. I would like to go to see the Great Wall of China. We found it on Google Earth. The wall is more than 4000 miles long 😉

  3. I have been learning all about children in Bangladesh, and how there lives compare to ours. A lot of children in Bangladesh are very poor and dont even get enough food to eat.

  4. Izzi: I would love to go to Egypt because I’d love to see what pyramids are like.

    Keeley: I would love to go to Spain because it might be a fun place(my nanny went there).

  5. Magic monkeys! We have been talking about water , where we find it and what we do with it. What If you could go anywhere in the world? Do you think the water will be the same there or different? What about the places water can be found ? Do the people use it for the same things as us? Comments welcome from other classes 🙂 Mrs W

      1. Thanks Charlotte! Like I said in assembly, now we have people from around the world looking at our blog, we need to make sure they know we can use punctuation correctly. It’s always good to have other people checking for you! Mr E

  6. There are so many countries with undiscovered beauties so I can not choose just one place. So I would go on a world cruise and experience the worlds diversities in my own way and time.

  7. I would go to Spain because they have got hotels and outdoor swimming pools and its hot but i would defiantly bring my sun cream!

  8. I would like to go to spain because i have a friend there and she always helps you out the swiming pool. There is a hotal , park and a beach .

  9. I want to go to America so I can find out how many rich and poor people are there.
    Because I want to see if there are more poor people like I think or more rich people like what stan thinks

  10. I think I would like to go to New York.I would like to go to New York because I want to see all the shops and to see if I could spot any famous people walking in the streets.Also it just sounds coolto go there.

  11. I’d LOVE to go to Australia so many animals that are nice and there are lots of beaches to go on so I agree with Mr Ellis

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