Maps Mastery

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During Fieldwork Skills week, the whole school will be learning about maps and using maps in our fieldwork trips around Oakthorpe, in Leicester and at Bradgate Park.

How do you use maps?

When do you use a map? What can you find out from maps?

Who else do you know that use maps on a regular basis?

What would the world be like if we didn’t have maps?

Write your comments and answers to these questions at the bottom of this page.



All children have been set a challenge to create a map of their journey to school. Have a look at the key features on your way to school. What distance do you travel? What directions do you turn? Do you travel in the direction of North, South, East or West?

There will be prizes for the best models and maps showing all of your map and fieldwork skills. Please bring them into school by Friday 13th March.


17 thoughts on “Maps Mastery

  1. The main road is yellow
    The other roads are white

    To help me I you’sed
    Google maps

    I am going to use it to plot my drive to school

    1. Google maps is great and so is google earth. I like to go to famous places and see if I can recognise them. I wonder if you can trace what may have been your journey today to the different temples you visited?

  2. On maps we find lots of symbols such park, lakes and speed cameras. Also on maps there are different road like the A42 and the M42. Maps guide you to places such as Drayton manor and

      1. Now I have looked on the Internet , I now know that the National forest is 128 000 acres or 200 miles square!

  3. Cartography is the art of making maps. The first maps were of their local area because people didn’t travel very far. As people traded more and began to explore, people could add more detail to the maps. Early people also made maps of the heavens. ✨

    1. It is so interesting looking at maps from the past when people had not explored the world as much as today. When you look at these maps, it is interesting to see how they viewed the size of different countries.
      Did you know, people used to think the world was flat and not a globe? Can you find out when they first discovered the world was a globe? How did they find out?
      Mr E

      1. The Ancient Greeks worked out Earth was a sphere by looking at the sky and using their knowledge of maths. But not everyone believed them. Magellan proved it by circumnavigating the globe (but he unfortunately died before the expedition got back in 1522). 😉

      1. I use Google maps the most. I think hikers would need to take a paper map as the Internet might not work. Some people need a map that is zoomed in to show the detail but other people need a map of a large area.

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