Mastering Me!

Mastering Me! Our current learning theme!

‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom’  Aristotle

Watch this video from our challenge day at Beaumanor Hall! Who has some great tales to tell us about their challenges on the day (or maybe a different challenge from our Bude trip as well?) We’d love to hear about them!

Maybe take part in our poll …


56 thoughts on “Mastering Me!

      1. You have to listen to other people’s ideas. This can sometimes be hard when you think that your idea is good.😄😊😀😃

    1. I am proud Isabella. I saw bravery, I saw leadership and I also saw great teamwork. All of those things are great skills. What were your strengths Isabella? How did you overcome your fears Abbie? Have you voted?

      1. I convinced myself that it would be ok. I tried not to look down. I’ve voted; when will we know the results?🐙🌀

      2. If you look on the voting bit there is a small button saying view results. If you press that you can see the voting so far. However, I can look somewhere else and tell you actual numbers as well as the percentages. I am concerned about reliability of the scoring though….can you think why? Mrs M

    1. To Mrs Moulds,
      The data might not be reliable because only a few people might have voted or everyone might be from the same class or it might only be girls that had voted.🐘🐯

      1. it is different to climbing because when you climb you are climbing a wall or a rock face and you are less aware of the height. 🙂

  1. Beaumanor Hall looks really fun wish I went when I was younger! Well done everyone whether you were at Beaumanor or Bude! Thanks teachers for setting these trips for is!!!

      1. My favourite activity in Bude was the climbing because I overcome my fear of heights and I even looked over to the camera while I was at it😊 ;🎉

        I didn’t think I could do the leap of faith because I had done it before and just dangled back so I would go down but this time I was really brave and got to the top and jumped of the edge and finally caught the bar!!!!!!😁

  2. On the high ropes at Bude we all challenged are self on every thing even the easy ones especially when we were on the leap of faith we jumped and we over came are fears.

  3. I really liked the school trip because it remined me to not be scared of heights and to be confident.

  4. We have been challenging ourselves at the junior park run and trying to get faster times. It would be good if other people from school could come too. Mrs Hobbs – could you please organise a school assembly to tell everyone about it? We are trying to win a t-shirt and if we can get Sam to come in to Oakthorpe assembly we will get extra points!!! 😄😃

    1. Well that’s a coincidence as I was just talking about that with Mr Jack on Saturday’s cross country. W were talking about some sort of incentive to go to so many and work towards a sporting trophy or something. Why don’t you write down your ideas persuasively and I’ll talk about it with her some more. Mrs M

  5. We realy enjoyed are week of mastering me.And even though it was scary at times we still really loved it and we want to say thank you for taking us to all of the Oakthorpe
    Primary teachers and staff.

    By Bella and Mollie …

  6. I have really challenged my self at learning toady we
    did bingo and grid methods and a Maths test in Maths.and in literacy we did are just so stories and I think I did well because I worked hard toaday and guess what I have finshed my kartoosh whatever it is called basically movie maker yay I can’t wait untill we go to the chapel tomorrow . #awsome %100 !!!

  7. I really loved Beaumanor hall because I really liked the zip wire because it was really fun.
    I didn’t go on the high ropes because it was to high and it was a bit scary.
    I did the bridge building and I didn’t fall in but Madison did💧💧💧💧💧💦💦💦

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