Mastering Me Week!

We have a fantastic week planned thinking about how we can all become better learners.

All children and parents will have the chance to think about how they can get to know themselves better as learners.

Have a look at this BRILLIANT video from author Andy Cope. Great chance to think about our ideal selves and how we want to live our lives.


Write comments below about what you want to be like when you are 30.

What kind of person do you want to be? What job might you have?

66 thoughts on “Mastering Me Week!

    1. I want to be a nail artist too, that is a great idea but you would have to do really good in college.
      I really want to be a author to but I will have to be a really good student.

      1. Yes I will do yours but I will think that it will cost £3.00 or for fake nails £5.88. If you want to work there then you will have to no a lot about nails of course I do because my mum dose mine some times and she dose izzis mums so I have a lot of experance from her.
        When my mum dose izzis mums she takes her time doing it because she dose want to reck them.💅💅💅 Some of my mums nails look really cool aspesherly when she puts the detal on them.she can draw flowers on them with the detal.

    1. That’s great bella I would like to adopt a dog that has been saved from you and that would be really great if you saved some animals like dogs,cats,hamsters and beardy dragons. Bella what is your favourite animals.

    1. That’s nice Alice have a think what you have to do to be a journalist. Would you have to work hard? Or would you have to think about how would you get a job at beating a journalist?💧🍫📕📕📙📙📘📘

  1. I’d love to be a doctor curing cancer or ebola because they are both deadly desesies then again I would like to be a lawyer because I help people through hard times

  2. When I am 30 I want to be a author and i also want to be a teacher because all the books that Andy Cope has written really really inspired and all of the teaching that all the teachers have done has inspired me.😛😛😛😁😁😀😀

      1. I would really really want to be a author but I really need to work hard but I hope that
        I get a lot of supurt.

  3. I want to be a vet or a trampolinist. I would like to be a vet because I like animals like dogs and cats. The skills that I could need would be patience, bravery and be able to talk to new people. I would also like to be a trampolinist so I could win medals and be fit. I would love to go to the Olympics, it would be a dream. To be a trampolinist, I would need to be resilient because not everything will be easy, I will need to believe in myself and I would need to have courage to make the most of everything that I can.

    1. WOW!
      You have such a clear idea of your ideal self and what you want to achieve. There is absolutely nothing stopping you! It might be good to research athletes that have represented their country at the Olympics and see what you can learn from them.
      Mr E

      1. thank you for saying that I really appreciate that I would love to be a vet and that’s what I’m coming as tomorrow and I think tomorrow is going to be awesome!

  4. I would really love to find vaccines for diseases. The learning habits I would need are…
    ~ Resilience because you would need to try lots of different ideas.
    ~ Learning from mistakes when something doesn’t work.
    ~ Collaborating with others since your unlikely to find a cure on your own.🐰🍁

    1. I’m going to share these skills with my scientist friends and see if they can log on and offer some additional advice. I know they use lots of maths Abbie for analysing all the testing they need to do. What would be your views about testing things on animals though? Mrs M

    1. That’s great Ellie-Mae well done I hope you save a lot of animals.🙊🙉🙈😺😸😸😻😽🐴🐺🐨🐰🐴🐗🐘🐗🐶🐱🐔🐨🐗🐺🐗🐘🐘🐺🐥🐽🐧🐷🐦🐦🐼🐜🐜🐜🐜🐔

  5. When I am older I would like to be a footballer because my dad is a foot baller and he gives me a lot of experience.
    If I do not be a foot baller I would not like to be a Plummer because I don’t want to clean the toilets out.

  6. Mastering is like sticking at something until you get good at it! If you are good at something without trying or if you have to try really hard it doesn’t matter as long as you keep trying!

  7. When i am older i would love to be an author. Because i would have lots of friends and not just that but i could inspire other cultures people and schools.:)

    1. The same as me Brodie it would really nice being a author writeting books for outher people and then they asking us to write more for them😳😳😁😁😡😡👿👿😧

      1. We have an author coming into school Keeley when it’s world book week. Ask Mrs Hobbs about it – you could read up about her before she arrives. You could ask her lots of questions about being and author too! Mrs M

    1. Hi Emily, so lovely to hear from you! I hope your new school is ok? Mastering me week was just brilliant. Everyone had so many great ideas for dressing up! Hope you saw the pictures of the disco and school life on twitter? Ask mum to follow us and then you can retweet! Take care! Mrs M (p.s. We miss you.)

      1. Hi Rhia! Great to hear from you but I need more information than fine!!! Are they challenging you and have you got the opportunity to get in there and lead something??? Do they have learning habits? Mrs M

    2. Hi Emily and joe how are you are you enjoying your new school and house me and all the class are missing you and now you have left maths has got harder. I hope that I see you soon.

      1. Yes they are really challenging me and in some of my lessons I have to make modles. I don’t know if they have learning habits.

  8. We have been learning about myths and we made our own mind maps and how did you like them were they good. When I takes about our music our song was called bumble bee and the chords where f and c.

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