Mrs Moulds at Saltus in Bermuda!

The school here is really big but on two sites so the lower primary part we have to drive to. The children are lovely!. There are lots of different levels so many steps. Some classrooms are on the top floor. The pictures you see below are a sort of terrace looking onto the playing field. Sometimes I bring my laptop out here to work! You can see the after school football club outside. when it rains the field gets flooded and ducks come onto it for a paddle!

pre   field

photo (4)

This picture is the board room. This is where we have lots of meetings or I come to do my work. Today we’ve been in there all day working on some very big plans for the school! We’ve been really busy but there is a lovely team of teachers to work with.

Classrooms are very similar to ours but on lots of different levels. They have even had a science week and done some work on penguins as well!

classroom science display primary class up hall library

The secondary school pictured below is on the same site as Upper Primary (KS2). They have a gymnasium, a drama suite and a large hall for plays. The corridors have lockers and children put their books and coats in them.

secondary corridor gym

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