NEWSFLASH! What’s in the news?

There are always lots of interesting stories from across the world in the news. There are stories that make you feel happy and some that make you feel upset. There can be stories that are funny and sometimes they can be worrying.

It is always great to find out as much as you can about the world and what is happening. Talk with your family about what you have found out and anything that makes you laugh or worries you.

Bermuda – October 2014

At the moment, Bermuda are getting prepared to be hit by Hurricane Gonzalo. Use the links below to find out what you can about the hurricane and hurricanes that have hit the island in the past. You might want to research how people in Bermuda are preparing for it. You might  want to think of some questions that you might want to ask our friends in Bermuda when we start blogging with them.

hurricane 2              hurricane 1


8 thoughts on “NEWSFLASH! What’s in the news?

    1. That’s interesting – I hope not either. Maybe Saltus pupils could explain on our new blog what it was like. Really impressed Katie that you are researching this. I’ve added some links of web cam films on Twitter. Ask your mum she’s good at Twitter! Mrs M

      1. I’ve heard from one teacher Katie and she is fine but when it got really bad a window blew in and they had to take turns to hold it with a board. Then as the eye of the storm passed that gave them some time to repair it. Do you know why that might be? Mrs M

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