Oakthorpe and the Chocolate Factory!

This week as part of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Week, we have been lucky enough to go to Cadbury World.


It was so exciting. Tell us all about your experience. What was the best bit? I know my favourite part!

5 thoughts on “Oakthorpe and the Chocolate Factory!

  1. My favorite part was when we saw how the chocolate was made because it was very interesting. It was all very good, though.

  2. My favourite part was when we looked around the factory. I learned how Mr Cadbury had made his company grow into one of the most successful chocolate companies in the world.

  3. I enjoyed every part of cadburys world! But if I had to choose a favorite part, it would probably be the ride or the show because they were both so fun and the show was interesting. I loved the wrapping chocolate section of the factory as well. As I went at the age of 9, it has changed so much. Thank you for taking us!

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