Penguin research….the facts!

Share all your penguin facts here. These will be really useful for your writing this week and next and you will be able  to steal ideas from other people! Can you make notes and organise them as ideas for paragraphs. What other video clips can you find? Has anybody found any images of ‘penguin poo’ from space?

20 thoughts on “Penguin research….the facts!

    1. Did you know…
      Penguins gather to keep warm?

      Did you know…
      That male penguins put their mouth over the babies mouth and get their food from their body and squirt the food from the tummy for their young ones?

      Did you know…
      Emperor penguins grow up to 90 pounds?

      Did you know…
      They swim in the coldest water in the WORLD?

      Did you know…
      Emperor penguins live in Antarctica for their whole life?

      Did you know…
      There’s 17 species of penguin?

      Did you know…
      Some penguins live in the zoo?

      Did you know…
      There might be 365 penguins in Antarctica?

  1. Emperor and King Penguins, the two largest species, build no nest at all and lay just a single egg. They warm their eggs on their feet and cover it with a flap of skin called a “brood pouch.”

  2. The African penguin lives on the coast of South Africa and in Namibia.
    They weigh between 7 and 11 pounds.
    They are about 27 inches tall.

  3. Did you know in the winter the male penguins have lost half of their body weight. Did you know all male and female penguins have water proof, streamlined and cosy feathers to keep them warm and help them swim.

    Ben wileman

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