Resident author Rose Impey March 3rd 2014

What can we learn from characters in books?

We are really thrilled that Rose will be joining us to launch our reading focus week – all about book characters. Read her books and leave your thoughts here. Share your favourite book characters and why you like them (from any books you read), get ready with some questions you might want to ask her when she comes!

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61 thoughts on “Resident author Rose Impey March 3rd 2014

  1. i am really exited to meet Rose Impey because i have read 2 of her books Llama drama in it to win it and the sleep over party!

  2. Hi Everyone
    I am replying to you all in this one email because there simply isn’t time to answer all your questions before Monday when I will be seeing you anyway! Hooray!
    Thanks for thinking of so many brilliant questions. We will have so much to talk about.
    Personally, I can’t wait. I’ve got lots of things to show you and tell you and some books to sell.
    See you soon….

  3. What a fantastic day!
    Thank you so much for a really inspiring day, Rose. It was brilliant to see so many children getting books signed at the end of the day.
    I hope all of you got your questions answered. Plus I hope we can still use the blog to give comments to Rose about her books that you are going to love reading. I’m sure she would love to hear what you think.
    Really hoping you can come back soon, Rose!
    Mr E

  4. After Rose set us a writing challenge, I decided to have a go! Here is my ‘Get Rich Quick’ piece of persuasive writing.
    Hi I’m Zommer. I am 9 1/2 years old. I heard about a club I was wondering if I could join.
    You should pick me because I am good at raising money by doing many different chores, for example cleaning windows, washing cars, walking dogs, gardening, washing-up, tidying-up and generally doing anything.
    I will share my skills and knowledge with others as I consider myself a good team player.
    I show respect to other people, in addition to this, I am also a good listener.
    I’m the perfect candidate for your club.

    Written by Paige Proctor

  5. Hi Everyone

    Thanks for staying in touch. I had a great day too and hope I can come back some time.
    Excellent effort Paige. I’d definitely let you join my club!
    Yes, please let me know how you like my books – and why!


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