Science Week – Canine the Convincer

In Science week, we are going to be learning about how to work scientifically.

The best scientists in the world are always trying to convince other people that what they have found out is true. They have to be very clever in the way they communicate their thinking and show it in lots of different ways.
For example, if scientists discovered life on other planets, they would not be able to convince others by just telling them about it. They would need photos, lots of different examples of life and graphs to show how much there is on different planets.

Does anyone in your family use science in the jobs they do? Ask them about what job they do and ask them to convince you in as many different ways as possible that they do use science. Use the blog to try to convince others in the school.

21 thoughts on “Science Week – Canine the Convincer

  1. Sam (my child minder) does because she makes play dough and cooks diner with gas
    we raised butterflies from when thy were caterpillars ,we grew seeds and measured how tall they were and we do a lot of baking which includes measuring.

  2. I asked my dad if he had science in his job he said most of the things he does but he only drops things off to places. The job is adding different prices up so the job has maths and science in.

  3. My dad (Dan) uses science in his job because he welds (fixes) together different metal which includes measurements and melting liquids in between two metal poles! He does this weekly but not on weekends.
    Also my mum uses science in her job of looking after the family. Such as…
    Cooking ~ measuring weights
    Cleaning ~ Polishing=Estimating how much spray to put on the cloth (the spray is liquid!)
    She also does this weekly but on weekends to!

  4. My Mum works with young people who have learning difficulties and scientists have discovered if you put writing on different coloured paper it can help people with dyslexia to read but if you put white paper over twice it discern help them.

  5. I like cooking. When you mix ingredients together or heat them, the materials can change. Sometimes the change is reversible but most of the time the change is irreversible. 🙂

  6. In positive behaviour afternoon we decided that we would try flinging cars that we did on Tuesday afternoon and what we needed was:
    Two chairs
    One piece of paper
    A toy car
    One meter stick
    A newton meter
    A pen
    And one elastic band
    First you get the two chairs and elastic band then wrap the elastic band around the two chair legs also put the peice of paper underneath the chair legs and measure the newtons(iwould do it in 2’s)with the newton meter toabout ten newtons then get the car and push back into the elastic band to 2 newtons and let it fling then measure how long it went then do 4 newtons and so on our results were:
    Newtons test 1 test 2 test 3
    2 19.5. 62. 9.4
    4. 43. 1m12. 59
    6. 1m42. 89. 99.5
    8 2m82. 2m78. 91.6
    10. 3m27. 2m47 2m80.5
    14 4m51!!! 2m68. 3m71.2 (we decided to a big one on that one) the method we did it in was jodie measured freya wrote the results down (miss hallam helped us) and miss hallam pushed the car back.

  7. On Thursday we tried making our own parachutes for a new experiment.
    All we needed was:
    1. some string 2. sellotape
    3. tinfoil (or any material) 3. a figure
    Our conjecture was that the smaller parachute will just drop quickest because it has less air resistance to hold it up!
    We tested three times to make it accurate!
    Method: Each of us made a parachute (izzi,katie,jamie) then tested and wrote down the results.

  8. Curling:
    To reduce the friction the athletes brush the ice with their brooms and that concludes
    the weight travels a further distance and that links up with are science we have been doing
    in science week.

  9. My dad runs a construction company and uses science in his daily work. He has to mix lots of oils and chemicals to make all his machines to run smoothly.

  10. we are testing how long it takes for water to go through paper cups and we are testing it with different sizes of cups.
    the big one took: 1.34 mins.
    mediam one took: 4.15 mins.
    the small one took:

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