Science Week – Making conjectures

In Science week, we are going to be learning about how to work scientifically.

The best scientists in the world are always making conjectures and we have our very own Captain Conjecture to help us to make really clever guesses about what is going to happen.


There are thousands of really big questions that scientists are working on at the moment. They are constantly making conjectures and trying to convince others that they are correct.

Can you make some conjectures about the answers to these questions. You might want to think about proving your conjecture. How would you convince others?

Why does chocolate melt in hot weather?

Are the times of the seasons changing?

43 thoughts on “Science Week – Making conjectures

    1. I like this conjecture. I wonder if this will help scientists to invent chocolate that will never melt. It sounds to me like a sweet that Willy Wonka might make in his chocolate factory. Willy Wonka must use lots of Science in his factory. Have you read this story Ben?
      Mr E

      1. Mr Ellis I have watched the film aswell as the book I think Willy Wonka makes lots of science with all of his chocolate bars disappearing.

  1. The seasons are:
    Spring and Autum!

    Willow thinks: no va are Changeing.

    Izzi thinks: Yes they are changing because on my way home and to school every day I see daffodils and daisies starting to grow and they grow in spring!

  2. The chocolate melts because the hotness in our world, in Britain,but if you live in the North Pole it won’t melt because of the coldness and when I put my chocolate in the fridge a few hours later I took a bite and out came my tooth.

  3. Thinking about the four different seasons and the different flowers and trees around, the seasons can change at any time depending on the amount of snow we have in the winter, the flowers and sun that come in the summer, the run up to summer which is spring when the flowers start to grow for summer and Autum when the leaves fall of the trees bunbnot all trees!

  4. The Planets We found are
    And Saturn is the biggest planet , we did this so we know about them in science week.

  5. The season’s aren’t changing because it’s still Winter and it’s been snowing.
    I will know when it is spring because there will be flowers.

  6. Although chocolate melts, if it was in a chocolate chip cookie it wouldn’t melt as much because it has a fresh solid base therefore it won’t melt unless it’s under a hot area .e.g. The tip of you tongue or a side in the summer!

  7. Chocolate might melt because you might leave it out to long. But the chocolate might not melt if you leave it in the freezer and then take it out when it has turned rock solid and then eat but do not suck it!

  8. The chocolate melts by the heat and air.If the air is warm the chocolate will melt its because of the heat from cooking makes the chocolate melt. Also, water can make chocolate melt because if you put chocolate in your mouth it melts so water could make chocolate melt.

  9. Chocolate contains cocoa butter and it wants to be a liquid at room temperature
    We have to keep it cool to be a solid . I like to eat chocolate when it’s runny
    Because it’s warm.

  10. Charlie thinks: The sun is hot to make the chocolate melt and the sun has lots of heat to attract the chocolate bar to melt.

    Kelsey thinks: Well, the chocolate is rock solid when you buy it from a shop but when you put it in your mouth for a 10 seconds the chocolate will start melting from all your hot water.(in your mouth)+

  11. Global warming is effecting our seasons because last year the lambs came at the end of spring not at the start and there are many flood warnings in place for the south. so we can stop our country from longer winters we need to stop poluting!!!!!!

  12. Me and Charlie think that we are more like conjectures than confincer because most of the time we try hard and answer brilliant questions so it links to conjectures idea.

  13. I found out that the particles in the chocolate change when they get hotter. When the chocolate is a solid, the particles are all squished up together. When the chocolate, is a liquid, the particles are further so that they can move around. This means the chocolate is runny. My conjecture is that dark, milk and white chocolate will melt at different temperatures? 😉

  14. Most things melt. Every solid has a different melting point (temperature). I wonder what the exact melting point of chocolate is? 🙂

  15. Yes the climate is changing all over the world. This is due to global climate change and happens because of all the carbon dioxide. Not all scientists agree what will happen on earth but the weather is changing and maybe in the future the seasons will change. 😦

    1. This is so interesting.
      There are many scientists across the world that are trying to prove climate change is happening. But there are also scientists trying to prove there is no such thing as climate change. Who do you think has the harder job?
      Mr E

  16. I wonder if … You took 2 samples of chocolate:
    1) a chunk of chocolate straight out of the wrapper
    2) a chunk of chocolate that had melted and hardened again
    Would these both taste the same? What do you all think?

  17. It would be harder to prove against climate change due to the evidence proving it’s happening such as: Flowers growing in winter, ice caps melting and temperature rising.

  18. Chocolate does in fact melt in warm atmospheres , as the warm temperature of the atmosphere makes the chocolate hot. Making the chocolate hot will project the heat onto all of the chocolate causing it to go from a solid to a liquid. This is what I predict.

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